Community Commitment

Some developers build to flip. We think they sell communities short.

BB Housing begins with local input and invests for the long haul, sticking with communities through thick-and-thin. We remain involved – and invested – to ensure that the seeds we plant bear fruit.

Building for Communities

Loren Brueggemann and Michael Buelow founded BB Housing because proactive community leaders sought partnership to realize their priorities. We respond to community development needs and understand the challenges of realizing them, as well as the resources that can be brought to bear.

BB Housing has listened to activists, leaders and residents in communities across the country. Local input has guided our activities to support community development: rehabilitating dilapidated properties, converting vacant houses into affordable homes, and sustaining local enterprise and job growth.

Continuing Our Commitment

Only durable investment can revitalize neighborhoods to become resilient and weather the storms of the future. For this reason, BB Housing maintains a long-term stake in all of its properties. Former City Council President Kathy Lantry of St. Paul, MN has testified to the depth of our investment, the quality of our work, and the strength of our commitment:

Loren Brueggemann [and Michael Buelow] from BB Housing, they have done some phenomenal work…in several wards. I’m just really, really thrilled that they’ve stuck with us and appreciate all the hard work.

Scaling for Success

Public-private partnerships enable local agencies to leverage national resources. BB Housing’s extensive experience with HUD programs enables community organizations to comply with federal requirements and achieve their goals. Together with our community development partners, BB Housing has achieved considerable success. Learn more >

"I am so appreciative of Mike – he's made such a difference in my life! Mike hired me when I needed work and helped me start my own business. I never thought anyone would care enough to help me the way he has. He always tells me, ‘You can do it!’”

- Helen Green, Owner, Essential Painting