Greenway Heights

42 New Affordable Family-Sized Apartments

The first affordable housing project on the Midtown Greenway.

Greenway Heights is the result of years of community planning efforts by the East Phillips Improvement Coalition (EPIC).  This community group saw a need for affordable homes suitable for larger families and was determined to see it happen.

The project underwent numerous transformations and met countless challenges in its 12 years of pre-development, all while seeking funding and a developer willing to stay true to the neighborhood’s priorities of affordability, low density, and family-sized housing.

Ultimately, BB Housing’s Director Loren Brueggemann partnered with local non-profit developer PRG and the neighborhood, helping obtain and coordinate 11 different funding sources necessary to bring their vision for affordable family housing to life. The project required great creativity and determination, and the commitment to it has paid off in multiple ways:

  • EPIC’s vision for affordable family housing was brought to life: all the apartments are 2, 3, & 4-BR units
  • 42 new affordable homes were created
  • The first affordable housing was built along the Midtown Greenway, an incredible transit and recreational city amenity

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"[We] have worked closely with BB Housing Associates . . . and have directly witnessed that quality rehab has been accomplished. BB Housing implements high quality standards as landlord and property manager.”

- Leslie McMurray, Executive Director, Payne Phalen District Five Planning Council, St. Paul, MN