Multi Family Projects

  • Nottingham Garden Apartments

  • SloHi Flats

    Affordable one- and two-bedroom apartments designed as functional, beautiful spaces in Denver’s SloHi neighborhood.

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  • Windsor Court

  • White Bear Apartments

  • Victoria Englewood Apartments

  • Pierce Butler Apartments

  • Creekside Apartments

    Multifamily Rental Property in Rochester, MN. Another BBHA NOAH project.

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  • Maryland Apartments

  • Stevens Apartments

  • Greenway Heights Family Housing

    A new 42-unit apartment building located on the Midtown Greenway in East Phillips, Minneapolis.

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  • Chester Estates

    40-unit Multifamily Rental Property in Rochester, MN. BBHA’s first NOAH project.

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  • Payne Ave Live-Work Units

"Loren Brueggemann [and Michael Buelow] from BB Housing, they have done some phenomenal work…in several wards. I’m just really, really thrilled that they’ve stuck with us and appreciate all the hard work.”

- Kathy Lantry, City Council President (Ward 7), St. Paul, MN