Multi Family Projects

  • Nottingham Garden Apartments

  • SloHi Flats

    Affordable one- and two-bedroom apartments designed as functional, beautiful spaces in Denver’s SloHi neighborhood.

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  • Windsor Court

  • White Bear Apartments

  • Victoria Englewood Apartments

  • Pierce Butler Apartments

  • Creekside Apartments

    Multifamily Rental Property in Rochester, MN. Another BBHA NOAH project.

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  • Maryland Apartments

  • Stevens Apartments

  • Greenway Heights Family Housing

    A new 42-unit apartment building located on the Midtown Greenway in East Phillips, Minneapolis.

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  • Chester Estates

    40-unit Multifamily Rental Property in Rochester, MN. BBHA’s first NOAH project.

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  • Payne Ave Live-Work Units

"The Dayton’s Bluff Community Council has expressed strong support for this local developer. BB Housing Associates has proven they can provide quality restoration and property management in our neighborhood.”

- Dayton's Bluff Community Council, St. Paul, MN