Information for current residents

Maintenance Requests

It is our goal to make repairs as soon as possible. Any requests for maintenance or repairs must be submitted in writing for proper record and response.

Mail, e-mail, fax or drop-off requests at:

GC Real Estate Partners
3900 Roosevelt Rd STE 125
St. Cloud, MN 56301

P:  320-257-3750
F:  320-253-0006

Giving Notice to Vacate

The procedure is as follows, based on State Statutes: A written sixty (60) day calendar advance notice must be given, even if your lease is month-to-month or if your lease has a specific ending date.

Your notice must be given two full months ahead of the date you wish to vacate. Any written notice received after the first of the month will not be approved for proper notice under the state statutes. (We do not accept notices mid-month.)

"[We] have worked closely with BB Housing Associates . . . and have directly witnessed that quality rehab has been accomplished. BB Housing implements high quality standards as landlord and property manager.”

- Leslie McMurray, Executive Director, Payne Phalen District Five Planning Council, St. Paul, MN