Why are so many people still struggling to pay for housing?

That question inspires our commitment to continue developing innovative approaches to growing and preserving the availability of affordable rental housing.

Boldly Committed to Affordable Housing

Between the shortage of subsidized housing and the ongoing loss of low-cost rentals through market forces, low-income households have increasingly fewer housing options. Often forced to leave their neighborhoods in search of affordable housing, communities are fractured and displaced, furthering destabilizing the lives of these vulnerable families.

BB Housing is responding by enacting proven strategies to grow and safeguard the availability of affordable housing, engaging and revitalizing the communities we work in.

  1. NOAH: Naturally Ocurring Affordable Housing
    BB Housing’s NOAH initiative seeks to stabilize and safeguard existing affordable housing by investing in and restoring Class B & C apartment properties. Learn more >
  2. Public-Private Partnerships for New Construction
    BB Housing’s directors have the expertise to effectively leverage public resources and the experience to successfully bring new construction projects through development, construction, and ongoing management. Learn more >
  3. Local Enterprise
    Our commitment to community extends beyond what we build, to how we build it. BB Housing supports the growth of small businesses and disadvantaged business enterprises. Learn more >

"All my friends say, 'Oh my gosh! How did you get this house?' I grew up in this neighborhood. This house looks dramatically different—it’s amazing, how nice it is now. There’s a huge yard, all fenced in. What else can you ask for?”

- DJ, BB Housing Resident