Remarkable Housing Making a Difference in the Community

A Bold Committment Making Real Impact

To date, BB Housing has restored, safeguarded, and/or built over 600 units of affordable rental housing. Our projects reach from Minnesota to Colorado to Nevada, revitalizing local communities and providing stabilization to numerous low-income families. Explore the reach of our work here >

Chester Estates

Our pilot NOAH project, Chester Estates, was a dilapidated 40-unit rental property in Rochester, MN. Although in serious disrepair, the property’s large units and close proximity to employment, schools, and transportation, made it an ideal home for many families and appealing for market-rate redevlopment. BB Housing acquired, restored, and stabilized the community within 12 months, safeguarding and improving these affordable homes vital to the community. Learn more >

Greenway Heights

This project is the product of years of community planning, incredible dedication, and eleven sources of financing. BB Housing Director, Loren Brueggemann, partnered with local non-profit developer PRG and the East Phillips neighborhood to obtain and coordinate the sources necessary to fund these 42 family-sized apartments on the Midtown Greenway in Minneapolis, MN. Learn more >


"BB Housing’s framework ensures that money earned comes back to the community. Payments on the property get recycled to the city for the benefit of community reinvestment.”

- Sherry Pemberton-Hoiby, Planning and Economic Development Department, St. Paul, MN