Thank you for your kind words!

"The Dayton’s Bluff Community Council has expressed strong support for this local developer. BB Housing Associates has proven they can provide quality restoration and property management in our neighborhood.”

- Dayton's Bluff Community Council, St. Paul, MN

"BB Housing’s framework ensures that money earned comes back to the community. Payments on the property get recycled to the city for the benefit of community reinvestment.”

- Sherry Pemberton-Hoiby, Planning and Economic Development Department, St. Paul, MN

"We’ve always lived in the East St. Paul. This place is way cleaner and safer than anywhere else we’ve been.”

- Abby & Abby Jr., BB Housing Residents

"[We] have worked closely with BB Housing Associates . . . and have directly witnessed that quality rehab has been accomplished. BB Housing implements high quality standards as landlord and property manager.”

- Leslie McMurray, Executive Director, Payne Phalen District Five Planning Council, St. Paul, MN

"Loren Brueggemann [and Michael Buelow] from BB Housing, they have done some phenomenal work…in several wards. I’m just really, really thrilled that they’ve stuck with us and appreciate all the hard work.”

- Kathy Lantry, City Council President (Ward 7), St. Paul, MN

"All my friends say, 'Oh my gosh! How did you get this house?' I grew up in this neighborhood. This house looks dramatically different—it’s amazing, how nice it is now. There’s a huge yard, all fenced in. What else can you ask for?”

- DJ, BB Housing Resident

"The properties they're renovating are truly assets to the neighborhood.”

- Amy Brendmoen, St. Paul City Council Member

"Neighbors are pleased to see positive changes because of BB Housing Associates. BB Housing has exceeded our expectations in all areas.”

- Linda Arnesen, Chair, Railroad Island Task Force, St. Paul, MN

"I am so appreciative of Mike – he's made such a difference in my life! Mike hired me when I needed work and helped me start my own business. I never thought anyone would care enough to help me the way he has. He always tells me, ‘You can do it!’”

- Helen Green, Owner, Essential Painting

"A key reason in supporting BB Housing is their community focus. They want to know their tenants by a first-name basis. They want to make sure they are pleased living in the house and are good tenants.”

- Linda Arnesen, Chair, Railroad Island Task Force, St. Paul, MN